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relaxing amenities

Relaxing Amenities

You will feel comfort, convenience and truly at home at any LaundroLab location.

Innovative tech

Mobile Payment

Pay with your phone and earn points with the LaundryPay app. No more quarters!

wash and fold service

Drop Off Service

Simply drop off your laundry and we’ll take care of the rest! We wash, dry, and fold it for you!



LaundroLab amenities including amenities



In-Store Staff

Lounge Area

24/7 Surveillance

Arcade Games

Family Read, Play and
Learn Area

Snack & Laundry Vending

LaundroLab's amenities are unmatched by other local laundromats. We provide the best in class in everything that will make you feel at home.



We always put you, the customer, at the center of our focus. Everything, from our endless amenities to our state-of-the-art machines has the end goal of providing a 5-star customer experience. Laundry may be a chore for you but for us, it's a way to put a smile on your face!


Family Read, Play &



In partnership with LaundryCares, LaundroLab is proud to provide an environment that is uniquely designed to create safe, fun, and engaging places for children and families. “Family Read, Play & Learn” spaces are equipped with literacy-rich materials to support children’s early brain and language development, and are a meaningful way to serve our community and customers.

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Paying for laundry is easy as 1-2-3!

1  Download

The free LaundryPay mobile app

2  Add Funds

To your LaundryPay digital wallet

3  Pay

For your laundry with a tap of a button

Better than coins and cash

Have peace of mind that your balance will always be safe and secure.

Get instant laundry notifications

Running an errand? Receive notifications when your machine's cycle is complete.

Check machine availability

You never have to wait for a washer again. Simply check their availability on the app.

Save lots of money

Gain loyalty points with every wash and redeem easily the next time you use the app.

electrolux-professional-laundry-machinepowered by elecrolux



All LaundroLab stores feature Electrolux Professional machines which are reliable, efficient, and easy to use! You can get in and out of the store faster than you would in any other laundromat.

  • Various wash programs for every need

  • Easy to use detergent and softener box

  • Anti-virus wash cycle

  • Bilingual user interface & instructions

  • Reduced dry times & longer linen life

  • Eco-friendly and energy efficient

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5 out of 5
51 reviews
4.6 out of 5
274 reviews
5 out of 5
4 reviews

Chanelle A.

5 starts review

I just went to the laundromat for the first time yesterday and it was such an amazing experience. I would pay regular price because of how affordable it is to do a couple of loads. I only spent 550 and had excellent customer service with it. I was helped with my clothes both in and out and they were so efficient in maintaining order with all the people in the laundromat. Every machine was full but they held it together let me know when one was available. I will be returning


Misty S.

5 starts review

I just had my first experience at the laundromat today and I absolutely LOVED it! It is clean, easy to use, I didn’t have to worry about coins, I just used the app!!! My toddler was able to play in their kids area while I just watched my 25 loads of laundry get washed in 30 mins! Unbelievable! I now have my Sunday’s back and this was the best Laundry Day EVER! If you are a Mom... this is for you LOL.


Patricia O.

5 starts review

Amicable and efficient staff, reasonable prices and great laundry! It was my first time there and I will definitely come back. I am so satisfied with the whole experience. Highly recommended!


Kamilia L.

5 starts review

Clean and affordable. I loved the 7 & 3 load washers. I have a washer and dryer at home but I wanted to wash comforters. I can only imagine how helpful this is for large families. I loved the clean amenities and there was 2 attendants on site who were cleaning and assisting customers. I also liked that there is ample parking, great light, multiple TV, atm, arcade area and of course vending for snack and additional laundry products. If you are a regular there is an account you can set up with a QR code and wash. That's practical and convenient for those that don't carry cash. I would definitely recommend this laundry service.


Wanda H.

5 starts review

This place is an A+ Laundromat. Clean, modern, neat.and fully stocked. Attendants always on the premises. Dryers get hot and stay hot🔥 downloading the App is convenient and easy to use. It will alert you when your machine is about to stop. If you haven't used this Laundromat your missing out!

Frequently Asked


What are the store hours?

We are open 7 am - 11 pm every day of the week.

How close am I to the nearest LaundroLab?

Visit our Location page to find out how close you are to a LaundroLab store.

What are the prices of the washers and dryers?

Pricing depends on the specific store. To find out pricing, find your nearest LaundroLab through our Location page.

Do you have a drop-off wash and fold service?

Yes, it is $1.50 / pound. Simply drop off your clothing at the counter with a LaundroLab attendant and they will take care of you in no time.

Are you a commerical business?

We can give discounts to commercial businesses like gyms and salons who come in and use our machines.

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